Is Marriage in Denmark Recognized in Germany?

Many people find it a hassle to marry a  spouse of different nationality, especially Germans. This is because we can’t guess where love comes from. If this is the case, getting married in Denmark is the best solution. But, is marriage in Denmark recognized in Germany?

If that’s your concern, then it’s best to read this article to the end. Then, you can find the answer. If necessary, invite your partner to sit down together and understand it. Here we have the good news that your marriage in Denmark will still gain recognition in Germany.

Getting Married in Denmark Is Recognized in Germany, and It’s Easy!

Good news, isn’t it? Of course! Which couple doesn’t want their love affair to be legally recognized? Luckily the Danish country is open to a wide variety of couples. Regardless of their different nationalities, religions, or same-sex couples. Because the first condition that must be met for marriage is that you love each other.

For more, check out the points below:

1. Less Documents

In some countries, brides-to-be must prepare a few documents. As such, a lot of time is needed here. However, this will not be the case if you marry in Denmark. Despite the minor requirements of the documents, marriage in Denmark is recognized in Germany and considered legally valid.

Important administrative documents to prepare are passports and visas. If there are any additions, you can be on guard with a a single status statement.

2. 5 days processing

Once the required documents are ready and complete, we will send them to the Danish Authority to be processed. They will  verify your wedding preparation documents and reconfirm if they are appropriate. All your documents will be used as a reference to issue a marriage certificate.

It is this certificate that makes marriage in Denmark recognized in Germany.

If everything is ok in 5 work days, you will get an answer.

3. Book a Venue Immediately If You Have Set a Date

There are many choices of venues to get married in Denmark. The city offers a warm, intimate atmosphere, both for indoor and outdoor events. However, many people who hold weddings in Denmark make you have to book a place immediately. Otherwise, your dream place will be secured by another couple in advance.

You can choose your venue based on the areas around Denmark. One of the most recommended places is Tønder. Access to the city from Germany is relatively easy. There are also places to hold very varied weddings. It’s possible that your dream wedding could come true.

4. Take Advantage of Agent Services

This is the fastest way if you want to get married in Denmark. Not a few are confused about the requirements, plot, and how to hold a wedding there for foreigners. We present as a partner that will make your happy day successful. We can solve your concern about whether getting married in Denmark is recognized in Germany. Our services range from consultations to venue preparations and photographers who will capture your happy moments. Get this easy by contacting our team today. Enjoy special rates for those who book a specific service plan!

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