Tourists getting married in Denmark

Denmark is beautiful country, making it one of the favorite destinations for tourists from all around the world to get married in Denmark. However, before getting married in Denmark, you need to know the basics of getting married in Denmark. Several requirements vary depending on where you come from and how quickly you plan to get married. Check out the procedure for tourists who want to get married in Denmark.

A. Document Requirements

Here are some documents that must be had by both married tourist couples in Denmark, namely:

  1.  Valid passport
  2. Signed Declaration of Truth
  3. Signed power of attorney

Depending on your situation, Denmark provides some of the following document requirements that you need to have:

  1. Valid Visa entry stamp and Schengen Area
  2. Permits
  3. Divorce papers or death certificates if one or both spouses are pre-married
  4. If you already have children, the original birth certificate of each child you have with your spouse is required
  5. Certificate proving that you are currently single from the country where you live
  6. If you or your spouse are in military service, then it requires a declaration of permission to marry from the commander
  7. A complete statement under the Marriage Establishment and Dissolution Act.

B. Passport Requirements

Can tourists get married in Denmark? Yep, of course, you can. However, if you wish to enter or remain in Denmark and marry in Denmark, please make sure the passport you and your spouse have is still valid. Here are some parts of the document requirements for getting married in Denmark, which must be on your passport:

  1. Valid at least three months longer than your stay
  2. There are at least two blank pages left in it

If your passport has a shorter period before the validity period of your Certificate of Marital Status expires, you may be required to provide a new passport.

C.  Power of Attorney

Then, there is also a Power of Attorney that must have been signed. A signed Power of Attorney document means that you agree to us here at assists you with your marriage application and speaks and acts on your behalf and with your permission.

We need this document to enable us to submit your marriage application, stay aware of the status of your application, and contact and handle interactions with Danish Family Law Entities on your behalf.

You should always be honest in making these documents because if you are caught lying or using fake documents, you can get a criminal offense. It can be a fine of money or even a prison sentence.

So, if you ask again, “is it possible for tourists to marry in Denmark with a valid tourist visa in the Schengen Area?” The answer is yes, as long as your Visa is valid on your wedding date. So, to make it easier for you to take care of all your needs, ranging from documents, wedding ceremonies, and others. Married in Denmark can help you with all the needs you need to get your dream wedding.

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