What Is the Estimated Cost of Getting Married in Denmark That Needs to Be Prepared?

Those who want to hold a wedding in Denmark may be wondering about the estimated cost of getting married in Denmark. Yes, of course, it is essential to be prepared for the practical process of your marriage and your spouse.

We’ll give you an estimate of the cost of getting married in Denmark to help you set up your budget. Check out the following explanation!

1. Taking Care of Your Own Marriage

Are you on budget? Dont worry, we can still help you to make your wedding comes true.

a. You can contact us and book the Basic Service Fee. It costs only 299 Euros. We will guide you about the steps you need to do, but you are the one who handle all the process and communicate with the authority.

b. Plan Months In Advance?

It is not necessary, but it’s better for you at least you have plenty on time to arrange your wedding day. The Danish government will give the answer of your application around 5 working days, but if a problem arises, then it can take longer. It would be best if you did not come to Denmark before there is certainty from the Danish government that your marriage application is approved. It is better to come when it is approved to save up money, as hotels or motels is quite expensive in Denmark.

b. Filing Fee

You have to pay a fee of DKK 1,650 or about 220-225 Euros.to the Agency of Family Law. If the conditions are met, they will issue a certificate of marital status or marriage certificate.

c. Additional Costs If Married Outside City Hall

The cost of getting married in Denmark is more cost-effective if you get married at the town hall. This is because weddings at town halls or commune are free of charge. However, if you choose a wedding venue outside the town hall, there will be an additional fee determined by the danish authorities.

d. Additional Costs for Translating Documents

The documents used to register the wedding need to be translated into Danish. If you come from a non- English speaking country, so you need to translate it. Document translation is mandatory using sworn translators.

2. Using our service as your Wedding Agent

If you feel like you have no time to handle your wedding, you are welcome to use our Full Service package. Ini this full service package, you will be assisted from the preparation of documents to the progress of your wedding. We handle  100% from the start until your application is approved. We communicate with the authorities and if there is a problem during the process, then we will take care of it. We have experienced many different stories from our previous couple during the application process.

Using a wedding agent can save you more time and money. You can stay in your home country while waiting to hear from us. So, you don’t have to commute to Denmark or shell out more money to stay too long in Denmark. You just come about to or three days before the wedding day. How is about a day before? it’s possible of course, but it will be so tiring. You are getting married! So you need to relax, don’t you?

Our services can be tailored to your needs. The cost of getting married in Denmark you spend will be more precise and planned. Consult what you need in the process of preparing for your wedding in Denmark. For example, if you need the services of a  bridal makeup, bouquet or a wedding photographer we can help you with that. In addition, you need to prepare for an extra budget for the unexpected during your wedding process.

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