Getting Married in Denmark

Hi bride & groom to be! Are you guys planning to get married here? Congratulation!

As you know Denmark has made it incredibly simple for couples of any gender and nationality to get married. Even though if you both are none EU citizens you can still get married in Denmark. The only exception is if you currently have asylum seeker or refugee residential status.

Same-sex couples can also marry in Denmark. Denmark is a popular destination for same-sex couples who wish to marry. And you know what, there are many beautiful places in Denmark that you can consider. There is no exceptions which area is the easiest. All kommune has the same rules as the approval is given by the Agency of the Family Law.

Required Documents for Getting Married in Denmark

  • Valid Passport, visa if required and Schengen entry stamp
  • If you are living abroad, you will need to show your residence permit.
  • Certificate of your marital status from your current place of residence. This must be no older than 4 months. It is optional, as the Danish Agency Family Law does not usually ask this paper, but sometimes they ask it if they think it is necessary.
  • If you have been previously married, a divorce decree or death certificate will be required.
  • Persons of the Military will require permission from their commander.

Your documents need to be in English, or in German or in Danish and you can choose one of these languages. If the conditions are met, they will issue a certificate of marital status or marriage certificate. After that, we can book your time to get married in the venue you choose in Denmark. Sometimes the kommune requires you to be in Denmark one day before the wedding day, as you need to come to the Kommune to show your passport.

The wedding ceremonies can be performed in English, German or Danish. After that wedding you get the marriage certificate. If you get married in the work days, the City Hall will provide two witnesses and you are welcome to bring your own, but if you decide to do it in the weekend you must bring your own witnesses.


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Happy new year guysss….I would like to start this year with a grateful heart. There are many things I’m grateful for… Reading this message from my previous clients def. made my day!. 😍 “We are a lucky couple. Its so good to start like this. When we decided to marry, we were together just for 9 months. When I saw Dewis pics for the first time, I showed them immediately to my husband and we were sure that she is the right one to take our wedding pics. We always want to remember our marriage in Denmark. I could see her talent about photography. I was totaly sure that Dewi could do the best for our best day for us. I was nervous a little bit because my husband hates photoshootings. Dewi said it would not be a problem and we would not have to give poses so we could keep it natural. She is so warm and so friendly and very openminded. My husband told me that he could feel relaxed with this cute woman. We just had to have a good weather for the shoot and Dewi was so helpful about planning. We had so much luck with the weather so nothing could stop us. During photoshooting, we were so happy and excited. We felt immediately very close with her and she could hold our special moments on pictures. We had soo much fun with her. Now when we see our photos, we always feel that awesome moments… You are the best! Thanks a lot Dewi! Really. Thank you.” . . . . . . . . #dewinielsenphotography #denmark #denmarkphotographer #thistedphotographer #aalborgphotographer #weddingphotographer #elopementwedding#gracefulbrides #weddinginsporation #portraitcollective #littlethingstheory #neverstopexploring #thatsdarling #photobugcommunity #exploretocreate #photooftheday #wanderingphotographers #bryllupsfotograf #scandinavianweddings #loveandwildhearts #model #morningvibes #monday #winterbeauty #winterstyle #christmastime #christmasmood #shootandshare

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7 thoughts on “Getting Married in Denmark”

  1. Mbk dewi, kayaknya q belum liat tukisan mbk yang menjelaskan tentang orng denmark mau menikah dngn orang indo. Tp nikahna di indo. Dokumenya apa aja tu yang harus di siapkan agar terdaftar di negara kedua mempelai? Atau kalau ada rekomen blog buat baca boleh donk mbk di share.

  2. Halo ka Dewi,

    Saya sekarang sedang berpacaran dengan orang Denmark, boleh saya kontak kakak untuk bertanya tentang seputar menikahi orang Denmark? Makasih ka

    1. Hai Ka Irene.. salam kenal saya Helma 🙂
      saya juga sama kayak Ka Irene lagi pacaran sama orang Denmark.

      sy lagi nyari-nyari info tentang nikah sama org Denmark dan ketemu blog nya ka Dewi 🙂

      udah baca bbrp blog tentang dokumen-dokumen yg harus di urus tapi masih belom terlalu ngerti. hehe

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